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After a year break, it was finally time to hold another GirlsRule Project!

Due to Covid, this time with a different format and in a different location but still with lots of amazing times being creative and skateboarding!

The project took off on the 5th of August with arts workshops, this year online, held by Colombian artist Carolina Velez together with Lilith Neidigk (Germany). Lillith had already been involved in the building and the artistic creations on the Sugar Mountain Skatepark which the girls got to take over for the weekend.

Under the topic of “This place is mine too”, Carolina and Lillith led through a workshop of female representation in the media and Lilith covering “Typography within Arts".
In a second workshop, the artworks designed by the participants were discussed and together they created the final pieces for the skatepark.
Together with Italian artist Anna Sette, they then then painted parts of the skatepark on 13. & 14. August.

Previous and new participants, local as well as girls from from Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Ireland, Spain, Mexico and the US joined the arts workshop, the skateboarding workshops and the Jam Session and Game of Skate on Saturday.

For the jam session the skatepark was divided into three sections, with three different jams.
It was Simone Kirchebner who took the win impressing with many tricks followed by Nadia Scherer. Kim Wibbelt and Alisa Fessl both shared the 3rd place.

It was also Kim Wibbelt and Simone Kirchebner who battled it out in the final of the Game of S.K.A.T.E. with a kickflip followed by a fakie ollie body varial, fs shuv it revert and an ollie body varial with Kim taking the final win with a nollie bs bigspin.

The vibe was amazing and the girls challenged each other into landing (new) tricks and everyone cheered each other on during the game of S.K.A.T.E. . The support all around and the joy of landing tricks made for an awesome ending to the second day of Girls Rule Project with the winners also taking home lots of amazing prizes by Vans, Soundboks, ethika and Eastpak.
Congrats again to everyone joining in, we had fun watching your bag of tricks!

It was amazing to see the individual encouragement, the positive influence of the group as a whole on each participant as well as the mutual support between the girls for each other not only in skateboarding but in all areas of life.

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