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Caroline Roos

Caroline has been working in the action sports scene for years, running an international  contest tour as well as coordinating external marketing campaigns which mostly focused on male athletes. Her goal is to connect the women within the sports scene internationally and give them the attention they deserve.

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Carolina Vélez 


Carolina is a visual artist and skater focusing on the the power of education and art to create social transformation. She´s been part of different feminist non-profit projects that look for equal opportunities for girls and women around the world especially in Colombia. 


Daniela González

Daniela is an audiovisual producer and the leader of Skategirl Colombia, a non-profit organization that has been changing the female skate scene in her country for more than over 7 years. She organizes female skate contest and cultural education activities. 

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Imke Leerink 

Imke is the founder of Girl Shred, a platform to encourage more girls to get involved into skateboarding and keep track of news and updates. Girls Shred itself goes back to 2008 with its roots in Amsterdam but has grown into an international community to connect women and to give them exposure within the skateboarding scene.

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